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How to Bargain in Thailand March 15, 2009

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I’m not very good in bargaining but my Hubby is. When you go to Thailand’s weekend or night markets, it’s a must for you to bargain. If not, then you’ll end up buying a product double than it’s original price. So, here are tips on how to bargain in Thailand.

1) Be polite. The Thais aregenerally very polite people so, please be polite with them too.

2) Please bargain only when you have the real intention to buy the product. Who won’t get annoyed if one customer tries to bargain and when he gets the ‘desired’ price end up not buying the item.

3) Start bargaining half the price. For example, if the shirt is sold at 200 pesos, start bargaining at 100 pesos.  And from there build on, until you get the price that’s affordable for you.

4) Smile! Don’t be so serious when bargaining. Smile, joke around, tell them you will invite the whole village to buy in their shop and etc. The Thai’s love foreigners who can be their ‘friend’.

5) If you feel, that the seller is almost convinced with your price. Give the money with the smile, try to convince a bit more or beg of you must. LOL! If he/she takes the money means, you win!! If not, ( even after so much of convincing, charm and persuasion) then, it means you’ve asked too low and the price he/she offered must be their last price.


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