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Postponed/Cancelled Trip July 3, 2009

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Family_In_CarWe’ve planned to go to Hatyai this weekend but we had to postpone it indefinetly since my son already had his Vaccination here in Malaysia. You see, one of the reasons we were supposed to go there was for his vaccination and the other was for our road tax renewal which is only expiring on the 21st.

We were already so excited to go there , meet our friends, eat some delicious Thai food and shop a bit. Yes, shop.. because there are just some things that we find cheaper there than here in Malaysia. Like beauty stuff, for example a nail polish there would only cost 10 Baht ( 1 RM) as opposed to the 8-12 RM nail polish here. Of course, those are branded nail polish which explains the price but then, I won’t care much if I’m using a branded one , as long as my nails have pretty colors. A tube of Mud Mask cost from 50-80 Baht (5-8RM) as opposed to a 5RM one application mask here. And all the other things.

So, as for now, we’ll have to delay those planned purchases first.. ” beautification” can wait…. 🙂


My Favorite Place to Shop in Hatyai June 14, 2009

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Carrefour is indeed one of my favorite places to shop in Hatyai, Thailand. Why? It’s because it was so near our house, you could literally see us there every week!

One proof that we are their frequent customers/visitors is that we already know several workers in the Mall- from the people in Tsutaya, the Parlor, the sales people inside the hypermarket to the cleaners. It’s really quite amusing that everytime we go there, we alway meet someone we know.

My Hubby is also amazed why I never get bored of Carrefour. I don’t know, I just like to hang out in the malls just like I did when I was working ( I’ll post on that later). I think I like Carrefour compared with the other shops because I’m already so familiar with the placement of their goods that I can do my groceries with my eyes closed! LOL! And when we don’t have anything else to buy except bread or mineral water, it’s just a nice place to hang out because it’s cold , big and not too crowded ( that is during the weekdays after 7pm).

Oh well, writing about this now, makes me miss Carrefour, our house and everything and everyone in Hatyai. 🙂


Places to Shop in Hatyai, Thailand May 23, 2009

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As written in my earlier posts, one of the things that tourists commonly do here in Thailand is to SHOP! Here is a list of all the places where you can shop in Hatyai,Thailand.

1) Asian Trade or Talat Paet Thai – This is the weekend market near the Bus Terminal. This is only opened during Thursdays- Sundays from 6-10 pm. Here you can find clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, 2nd hand items, plastic wares, thai cds, perfumes and a lot more. But this is not the place to buy common Thai souvenirs ( Thai keychains, Thailand shirts and etc) since only very few shops sells this.

2) Greenway – This is also a weekend market like the Asian Trade and is just a block away from it. They open from Thursday to Sunday at 6-10 pm. They sell mostly very cheap but good quality second hand clothes, shoes, bags,beddings and etc.

3) Plaza or Talat Sot – This is a very big 2 story shop that sells all kinds of clothing, bags, shoes, stuffed toys, jewelries and etc. They open everyday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

4) Kim Yong – A smaller version of Plaza and located nearer to the city center, about 2 blocks from Plaza or Talat Sot. They also sell more on food items. This is where you can buy kilos of cheap cashew nuts, dried mangoes, tamarind and other dried fruits. Opens everyday from 8:00am to 5:00 pm.

5) Night Shops near the Lee Gardens area – They open from 5:00- 9:00 pm. A very good place to buy all the souvenir items like Thai keychains, Thai handcrafted letter holders, Thai bags, shirts and etc. They also sell all the other shirts, bags and food items but we found their shops to be much more expensive than the rest.

All the shops above are either open air shops or inside buildings with no airconditioner. One great thing on the shops above is that you can bargain. If you’ve got the charm and knows the art of bargaining, you can bargain more than 50% of their original price. But you must bargain since they all start with the highest price.

If you want to shop more comfortably inside a mall or in an airconditioned building, then here is a list of places where you can shop:

1) Carrefour – Inside the mall there are also few shops that sells Thai silk, Thai dresses from Chiangmai among other things.

2) Tesco Lotus – Almost the same like the other Tesco’s in Malaysia.

3) Big C – This is a bit distant from the city center. It’s not really worth the trip if you only want to shop except if you want to go for a cheap foot massage or body massage. Their rate is almost 50% cheaper than the ones at the city center.

4) Diana

5) Central Department Store

6) Odean

7) Lee Gardens Plaza


Things to Buy in Hatyai April 15, 2009

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Most of the Malaysian and Singaporeans who visit Hatyai primarily come for one reason: Shopping! Items from Thailand are generally cheaper from those of Malaysia and Singapore. So, if you happen to visit Hatyai, here are the cheaper things that you can buy. BUt please remember that you need to bargain to get the best price. You can see some bargaining tips here:

1) Preserved fruits and nuts. They sell these nuts and preserved fruits by kilo and it’s quite cheap. Just make sure you buy them at Kim Yong Market and not at the stalls at the side walk near Lee Gardens Plaza since the price doubles or even triples when it reaches that place.

2) Fruits . If it’s tamarind season, you better try their amazingly sweet tamarinds. Durian, Mangosteen, Mangos and Rambutans are also so tasty and incredibly cheap during the season. But then again, you can’t bring fruits across the border as Malaysian custom has a rule on this. So, you just better eat all the fruits you can while in Hatyai.

3) Clothes, Shoes, bags. You can find all these at Asian Trade Market, Plaza or Kim Yong. But if you’re into signature brands, then the only place for you to go is Central Department stores, but they do have regular sale on their products.

4) Accessories and what- nots.

5) Thai souvenir items. from letter holders, purse, shirt to keychains. The best place to buy all these is near Lee Gardens. And don’t forget to bargain..


Thai Massage April 13, 2009

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Thai MassageI’m a bit tired right now. Sitting down in front of my netbook, thinking, writing and updating my blogs is making me tired. I don’t mind doing all these, I like to write, I like being online and tinkering with my blogs but then, in between thinking and writing, I have to repeatedly reprimand my Li’l boy from running around too much, putting things in his mouth and from doing all his other stunts. Yes, I’m multi tasking. And a few minutes from now, my Li’l girl will be back too.

Being stressed from taking care of kids and making a living makes me want to have a good Thai Massage. I used to have all these when we were still in Hat Yai, Thailand because it was quite affordable. We can always call our friend masseur to come to our house and she can come as soon as we call her. If we’re in the mood to go out, we also go to Big C where they have the cheapest Thai massage in town. When we were still there Big C’s massage was only 200 Baht for 2 hours while the in the city proper it was 150 Baht for an hour. I’m not so sure if they still have the same rate as of this time.


How to Bargain in Thailand March 15, 2009

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I’m not very good in bargaining but my Hubby is. When you go to Thailand’s weekend or night markets, it’s a must for you to bargain. If not, then you’ll end up buying a product double than it’s original price. So, here are tips on how to bargain in Thailand.

1) Be polite. The Thais aregenerally very polite people so, please be polite with them too.

2) Please bargain only when you have the real intention to buy the product. Who won’t get annoyed if one customer tries to bargain and when he gets the ‘desired’ price end up not buying the item.

3) Start bargaining half the price. For example, if the shirt is sold at 200 pesos, start bargaining at 100 pesos.  And from there build on, until you get the price that’s affordable for you.

4) Smile! Don’t be so serious when bargaining. Smile, joke around, tell them you will invite the whole village to buy in their shop and etc. The Thai’s love foreigners who can be their ‘friend’.

5) If you feel, that the seller is almost convinced with your price. Give the money with the smile, try to convince a bit more or beg of you must. LOL! If he/she takes the money means, you win!! If not, ( even after so much of convincing, charm and persuasion) then, it means you’ve asked too low and the price he/she offered must be their last price.


Cheap Silver Jewelry March 10, 2009

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silverDo you know where you can buy cheap and good quality jewelry in Thailand? I’ll tell you a secret.. It’s no other than in a province in the south called  Nakhon Si Thammarat. They got an array of shops selling cheap silver jewelry. I believe most of the silver jewelries that’s in the market are from the province.

We often go there to buy some for my sis and the best thing is that we found a shop that really gives us huge discounts. Well, if you’re interested to buy some, then you better bring us along to get the best discounts! Heheh!

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