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Things to Buy in Myanmar May 26, 2009

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If you happen to go to Myanmar, here are the list of things you should buy.

1) Jade or precious stones – Their precious stones are of good quality and very cheap compared to those being sold in other parts of Southeast Asia. I got this nice bracelet ( Jade with other stones) for only 45pesos or 3 Malaysian Ringgit ( approx. 1 $). And yesterday , when we went to one of the shops here in Malaysia, I found the same bracelet sold for 37 Malaysian Ringgit. Unbelievable!

2) Spices – It must be weird to include this in the shopping list but for those who loves to cook, getting these spices is a must. Spices like star anise, cinnamon sticks , bay leaf and etc are just so huge ( 2-3 times their normal sizes) and the aroma is amazing. I still have to try out cooking with these spices but I’ve heard it just makes your food truly delicious.

3) Myanmar Shirts- Of course to let everyone know you’ve been to Myanmar, why not buy one of those shirts. They’re selling it for only 5 Ringgit Malaysia ( 70-75 pesos).

4) Paintings – Oh, if we just had the money, I could have bought one of those paintings that they sell in Bogyoke Aung San Market. It would really make a great souvenir item and pretty decorations on the wall. Most of the paintings, depict their life and culture in Myanmar.

5) Pretty Pictures with embellished stones – Designs range from very intricate to simple and the sizes also vary. If you just want a very simple souvenir to give out to your friends you can get one for only 5 RM.


Bogyoke Aung San Market, Yangon May 14, 2009

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S5000735Bogyoke is one of the famous markets in Yangon. It’s a big market where you can buy all the souvenir items from Myanmar.

We came to this market last week and and I was overwhelmed by the beautiful souvenirs you can buy. What’s nice about it is that the items are quite affordable for a budget tourists like us but they still are considered expensive for the locals.

What are the things you can buy from Bogyoke Aung San Market? Lacquer ware, paintings, gems stones, silver jewelry, beaded bags and wall decorations, picture frames with precious stones embedded on them, Myanmar shirts, embroidery , clothes, carvings and a whole lot more!

It was so tempting to buy a lot of souvenir items especially the beautiful paintings but then, we didn’t have much budget them. So, we just bought souvenir shirts for ourselves worth 5RM ( 70 pesos), wall decorations worth 3RM ( 40 pesos) and small frames with embedded stones for 7 RM ( 100 pesos) to give for our family members back in Malaysia. I was quite contented with what we bought and pleased that we didn’t spend a lot too.