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Remembering the Blessings June 30, 2009

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Have you ever experienced being on a shopping spree and you don’t have to pay anything for it? Not even a single cent? Yes, we did! And until now I can’t help but thank God for that experience.

They were my Hubby’s long time family friend and we saw each other when we visited one province here in Malaysia. They’re a very nice family, sweet and their kids which are older like our kids too. They wanted to take us for dinner so, they fetched us from the place where we were staying. We didn’t have any idea where we were going out for dinner but they took us a a shopping center instead. Then our friend said, ” We want to bless you family. Please don’t refuse our humble request for you to choose clothes for the whole family and we pay for it.” We couldn’t help but be humbled and touched by their gesture. We told them that they don’t have to do that, but they gently insisted that we do not refuse their way of blessing us. Wow… they indeed have such a generous heart. On the other hand, we also didn’t know how to react on their kind gesture. But they’ve always been telling us that it’s okay and we could get whatever clothes that we like for us and our kids. Honestly, we had a bit of difficulty in choosing especially knowing that we were not the one who were going to spend for it. BUt we managed to finish choosing our clothes and our kids’ and were happy about everything. Imagine, shopping clothes for the whole family in one day!

That was indeed an experience we’ll never forget – God’s favor and our friends’ generosity.


10 Ringgit Shoes June 26, 2009

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Have you ever bought a 10 Ringgit shoes? I just did and I’m so happy and satisfied with what I bought. It’s actually just the high heeled shoes that I’ve been looking for to match with my Punjabi suits and Sarees. I could remember that my Hubby took me to the shopping mall last month and asked me to buy a pair. So, I ‘obediently’ searched for my perfect shoes but the ones I like cost more than 40RM. And there were ordinary shoes that were sold from 20-30RM. Even if they’re cheaper but I don’t feel satisfied with it. So, I just told my Hubby that I’ll just have to wait till I get the perfect pair rather than just buying and not feeling contented with what I bought.

And I’m sure happy that I does pay to wait because  I bought this 10 ringgit shoes from The Store . Actually, it had a 70% off price tag which explains the cheap price but good quality of the product. So, now I have a nice pair of shoes to match my punjabi suits and formal wear.


Where to Eat Out? June 24, 2009

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mcdonaldsI just love to eat out… One factor for this may be because I’m not a very good cook . 🙂 But I guess, I got this love for eating out from my family back in the Philippines. Our family also like to eat out and make it as our time of bonding and fellowshipping.

So, whenever we have extra budget, our next question would always be. “where are we going to eat ?” My Hubby and I would always start out our options with a new places to eat but then at the end we would still end up with our usual favorite fastfood or restaurant. I guess one factor that stops us from really experimenting with different shops and food is that we’re afraid that the shop might be too expensive or  maybe the food won’t be nice.

So here is our list of our usual places to eat here in Taiping:

1) McDonald’s : I don’t know why I never get bored of Big Mac

2) Pizza Hut : I love their affordable combos which really leaves you full and very satisfied.

3) Old Town Coffee: I just love their coffee

4) Olden Days Kopitiam : Their Rendang is very nice here!

5) Casual Market: anything and everything Malaysian under one roof

6) Ah Rahman: When we crave for Roti

7) A noodle shop in Pokok Assam: for the best curry mee I’ve ever tasted

8) Tesco Food Court: whenever kids are hungry after our grocery shopping

Any other suggestions?


The Cheap Bike June 20, 2009

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red bike

We never thought of buying our 5 year old girl a bike while we’re in Malaysia. Whenever she would ask us about it, our usual reply would be ” Wait till we go back the Hatyai and we’ll try to buy you one there.” We can’t really make a promise to buy her a bike immediately since bicycles, even the children’s bicycle are so expensive these days. But as very kind and good parents :), we would also want her to have one because that’s really every child’s dream.

Then, a few weeks after arriving here in Malaysia we saw that there’s an old bike at the back of the house. It’s actually her cousin’s one. But we decided to have it fixed so that our li’l girl and her cousin could share and take turns on riding the bike ( and hoping at the same time that this arrangement would work and would not cause fights).

So, happily my hubby, my li’l girl and cousin went to the bike shop to have the bike fixed. They were both so excited! Then, my Hubby saw a red 2nd hand bike that has been displayed in the shop. Even my Li’lgirl noticed it and exclaimed, “That’s a nice, bike!” So, my HUbby tried to ask the price of the bike and found it to be only 20RM!! So, immediately he bought the bike and brought it home with our happy li’l girl!


1st Day of Sale June 17, 2009

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We were disappointed, we expected the MPH booksale to be a big SALE as announced in their banners which were totally everywhere in town but it didn’t turn out as expected.

The biggest discount that they could give was only 20% and that is if you’re an MPH card holder and 15% for Non card holder. And all the rest was 10% and a small price slash from the normal price.

I was prepared to buy some books for my kids, my HUbby and me. But since it was not the way that we expected, we just bought book for Tricia and her cousin who was with us.


My Favorite Place to Shop in Hatyai June 14, 2009

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Carrefour is indeed one of my favorite places to shop in Hatyai, Thailand. Why? It’s because it was so near our house, you could literally see us there every week!

One proof that we are their frequent customers/visitors is that we already know several workers in the Mall- from the people in Tsutaya, the Parlor, the sales people inside the hypermarket to the cleaners. It’s really quite amusing that everytime we go there, we alway meet someone we know.

My Hubby is also amazed why I never get bored of Carrefour. I don’t know, I just like to hang out in the malls just like I did when I was working ( I’ll post on that later). I think I like Carrefour compared with the other shops because I’m already so familiar with the placement of their goods that I can do my groceries with my eyes closed! LOL! And when we don’t have anything else to buy except bread or mineral water, it’s just a nice place to hang out because it’s cold , big and not too crowded ( that is during the weekdays after 7pm).

Oh well, writing about this now, makes me miss Carrefour, our house and everything and everyone in Hatyai. 🙂


MPH Book Sale in Taiping June 12, 2009

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I just saw the banners all around town announcing the MPH Book sale at the Atrium of Taiping Sentral from July 17-21, 2009. I’m so excited! I love going to MPH when we’re in Penang or KL. That’s the first thing I checked when I learned that there’s a new mall here in Taiping. But unfortunately, they don’t have a branch here yet ( that’s as far as I know).

So, that explains my excitement for this upcoming booksale. I hope I could find some cheap childrens book and some Christian or self help book too. I’ll have to blog about my great finds next week.