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Where to Eat Out? June 24, 2009

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mcdonaldsI just love to eat out… One factor for this may be because I’m not a very good cook . 🙂 But I guess, I got this love for eating out from my family back in the Philippines. Our family also like to eat out and make it as our time of bonding and fellowshipping.

So, whenever we have extra budget, our next question would always be. “where are we going to eat ?” My Hubby and I would always start out our options with a new places to eat but then at the end we would still end up with our usual favorite fastfood or restaurant. I guess one factor that stops us from really experimenting with different shops and food is that we’re afraid that the shop might be too expensive or  maybe the food won’t be nice.

So here is our list of our usual places to eat here in Taiping:

1) McDonald’s : I don’t know why I never get bored of Big Mac

2) Pizza Hut : I love their affordable combos which really leaves you full and very satisfied.

3) Old Town Coffee: I just love their coffee

4) Olden Days Kopitiam : Their Rendang is very nice here!

5) Casual Market: anything and everything Malaysian under one roof

6) Ah Rahman: When we crave for Roti

7) A noodle shop in Pokok Assam: for the best curry mee I’ve ever tasted

8) Tesco Food Court: whenever kids are hungry after our grocery shopping

Any other suggestions?