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Postponed/Cancelled Trip July 3, 2009

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Family_In_CarWe’ve planned to go to Hatyai this weekend but we had to postpone it indefinetly since my son already had his Vaccination here in Malaysia. You see, one of the reasons we were supposed to go there was for his vaccination and the other was for our road tax renewal which is only expiring on the 21st.

We were already so excited to go there , meet our friends, eat some delicious Thai food and shop a bit. Yes, shop.. because there are just some things that we find cheaper there than here in Malaysia. Like beauty stuff, for example a nail polish there would only cost 10 Baht ( 1 RM) as opposed to the 8-12 RM nail polish here. Of course, those are branded nail polish which explains the price but then, I won’t care much if I’m using a branded one , as long as my nails have pretty colors. A tube of Mud Mask cost from 50-80 Baht (5-8RM) as opposed to a 5RM one application mask here. And all the other things.

So, as for now, we’ll have to delay those planned purchases first.. ” beautification” can wait…. 🙂


The Cheap Bike June 20, 2009

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red bike

We never thought of buying our 5 year old girl a bike while we’re in Malaysia. Whenever she would ask us about it, our usual reply would be ” Wait till we go back the Hatyai and we’ll try to buy you one there.” We can’t really make a promise to buy her a bike immediately since bicycles, even the children’s bicycle are so expensive these days. But as very kind and good parents :), we would also want her to have one because that’s really every child’s dream.

Then, a few weeks after arriving here in Malaysia we saw that there’s an old bike at the back of the house. It’s actually her cousin’s one. But we decided to have it fixed so that our li’l girl and her cousin could share and take turns on riding the bike ( and hoping at the same time that this arrangement would work and would not cause fights).

So, happily my hubby, my li’l girl and cousin went to the bike shop to have the bike fixed. They were both so excited! Then, my Hubby saw a red 2nd hand bike that has been displayed in the shop. Even my Li’lgirl noticed it and exclaimed, “That’s a nice, bike!” So, my HUbby tried to ask the price of the bike and found it to be only 20RM!! So, immediately he bought the bike and brought it home with our happy li’l girl!