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Things to Buy in Myanmar May 26, 2009

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If you happen to go to Myanmar, here are the list of things you should buy.

1) Jade or precious stones – Their precious stones are of good quality and very cheap compared to those being sold in other parts of Southeast Asia. I got this nice bracelet ( Jade with other stones) for only 45pesos or 3 Malaysian Ringgit ( approx. 1 $). And yesterday , when we went to one of the shops here in Malaysia, I found the same bracelet sold for 37 Malaysian Ringgit. Unbelievable!

2) Spices – It must be weird to include this in the shopping list but for those who loves to cook, getting these spices is a must. Spices like star anise, cinnamon sticks , bay leaf and etc are just so huge ( 2-3 times their normal sizes) and the aroma is amazing. I still have to try out cooking with these spices but I’ve heard it just makes your food truly delicious.

3) Myanmar Shirts- Of course to let everyone know you’ve been to Myanmar, why not buy one of those shirts. They’re selling it for only 5 Ringgit Malaysia ( 70-75 pesos).

4) Paintings – Oh, if we just had the money, I could have bought one of those paintings that they sell in Bogyoke Aung San Market. It would really make a great souvenir item and pretty decorations on the wall. Most of the paintings, depict their life and culture in Myanmar.

5) Pretty Pictures with embellished stones – Designs range from very intricate to simple and the sizes also vary. If you just want a very simple souvenir to give out to your friends you can get one for only 5 RM.


Places to Shop in Hatyai, Thailand May 23, 2009

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As written in my earlier posts, one of the things that tourists commonly do here in Thailand is to SHOP! Here is a list of all the places where you can shop in Hatyai,Thailand.

1) Asian Trade or Talat Paet Thai – This is the weekend market near the Bus Terminal. This is only opened during Thursdays- Sundays from 6-10 pm. Here you can find clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, 2nd hand items, plastic wares, thai cds, perfumes and a lot more. But this is not the place to buy common Thai souvenirs ( Thai keychains, Thailand shirts and etc) since only very few shops sells this.

2) Greenway – This is also a weekend market like the Asian Trade and is just a block away from it. They open from Thursday to Sunday at 6-10 pm. They sell mostly very cheap but good quality second hand clothes, shoes, bags,beddings and etc.

3) Plaza or Talat Sot – This is a very big 2 story shop that sells all kinds of clothing, bags, shoes, stuffed toys, jewelries and etc. They open everyday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

4) Kim Yong – A smaller version of Plaza and located nearer to the city center, about 2 blocks from Plaza or Talat Sot. They also sell more on food items. This is where you can buy kilos of cheap cashew nuts, dried mangoes, tamarind and other dried fruits. Opens everyday from 8:00am to 5:00 pm.

5) Night Shops near the Lee Gardens area – They open from 5:00- 9:00 pm. A very good place to buy all the souvenir items like Thai keychains, Thai handcrafted letter holders, Thai bags, shirts and etc. They also sell all the other shirts, bags and food items but we found their shops to be much more expensive than the rest.

All the shops above are either open air shops or inside buildings with no airconditioner. One great thing on the shops above is that you can bargain. If you’ve got the charm and knows the art of bargaining, you can bargain more than 50% of their original price. But you must bargain since they all start with the highest price.

If you want to shop more comfortably inside a mall or in an airconditioned building, then here is a list of places where you can shop:

1) Carrefour – Inside the mall there are also few shops that sells Thai silk, Thai dresses from Chiangmai among other things.

2) Tesco Lotus – Almost the same like the other Tesco’s in Malaysia.

3) Big C – This is a bit distant from the city center. It’s not really worth the trip if you only want to shop except if you want to go for a cheap foot massage or body massage. Their rate is almost 50% cheaper than the ones at the city center.

4) Diana

5) Central Department Store

6) Odean

7) Lee Gardens Plaza


Our Garbage May 20, 2009

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We are all so blessed with beautiful clothes, shoes, delicious food and beautiful houses. But as we are blessed with all these things, let us not forget to share to those who are in need.

HEre is a synopsis of the film as taken from the site:

Synopsis: This film is about the hunger and poverty brought about by Globalization. There are 10,000 people dying everyday due to hunger and malnutrition. This short film shows a forgotten portion of the society. The people who live on the refuse of men to survive. What is inspiring is the hope and spirituality that never left this people.


Bogyoke Aung San Market, Yangon May 14, 2009

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S5000735Bogyoke is one of the famous markets in Yangon. It’s a big market where you can buy all the souvenir items from Myanmar.

We came to this market last week and and I was overwhelmed by the beautiful souvenirs you can buy. What’s nice about it is that the items are quite affordable for a budget tourists like us but they still are considered expensive for the locals.

What are the things you can buy from Bogyoke Aung San Market? Lacquer ware, paintings, gems stones, silver jewelry, beaded bags and wall decorations, picture frames with precious stones embedded on them, Myanmar shirts, embroidery , clothes, carvings and a whole lot more!

It was so tempting to buy a lot of souvenir items especially the beautiful paintings but then, we didn’t have much budget them. So, we just bought souvenir shirts for ourselves worth 5RM ( 70 pesos), wall decorations worth 3RM ( 40 pesos) and small frames with embedded stones for 7 RM ( 100 pesos) to give for our family members back in Malaysia. I was quite contented with what we bought and pleased that we didn’t spend a lot too.



Free Art Set May 13, 2009

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Since all the boxes of Sustagen Milk with the bouncing ball was finished last Sunday, I went to Econmart today to buy my kids milk. Then, there’s this big signage near the Dumex Dugro milk section, which says  ” Percuma” ( Malay) which means ‘free’. So, I took a closer look at the signage and there I saw a big Faber Castelle Art set. My eyes grew wider when I saw the actually art set. It’s very nice with a lot of things inside, crayons, colored pencils, sharpener, pen, mechanical pencit and etc. Faber Castelle is a good brand and they are just giving it away for free! I was excited! Actually, you have to buy 4, one kilo packs of Original or Honey flavored Dumex Dugro ( stages 1 or 3) to get the Art set. That actually works fine for me since, my son can use the stage 1 while my girl can have the stage 3. So, I can buy 2 packs for each child. One kilo of the Dugro milk only costs 20 RM ( 280 pesos) which is really so cheap compared to the milk I buy in the Philippines.

So, I immediately took 4 packs from the shelves and went straight to the counter to pay. I was just so excited to go back home and show my ‘ surprise’ to my daughter.S5001006

Now, I know the reason why we were not able to buy the Sustagen with the bouncing ball freebie. This freebie is indeed  a lot better than the ball.


Freebies Day! May 12, 2009

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Last Sunday we went to the New Jusco in Klang to celebrate Mother’s day and to let the kids play in the playpen. Then, we saw the Sustagen Exhibition booth and went inside.

They had different games and activities for children and gave freebies too. So, we let our kids try out their activities and boy they had fun, especially for my little girl.

S5000989S5000990My li’l girl was so happy when we finished her activity and when she received her gifts that she exclaimed, “Thank You for letting me play in the playpen, Amma!” LOL! she thought that was already the playpen we wanted her to play in. And anyways, since she already had so much fun in the Sustagen exhibit we didn’t let her play in the Wonderland anymore but just in the play area near the food court- for free. That’s a way to save money! 🙂

But on our way back home, we saw some kids playing with big bouncing balls and only realized that those were the freebies from Sustagen if their products were bought. And since Tricia likes the bouncing ball and her milk is already finishing, we decided to buy the package with the free bouncing ball. But when we went back, all their products were already bought.We were all a bit disappointed especially for Tricia. But, still we were happy of the fun time we had plus all the other freebies.


The free gift, along with some stickers, milk samples and growth chart.


Places to Shop in Cagayan de Oro City May 8, 2009

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Cagayan de Oro City which is located at Northern Mindanao is a booming city. Development of the city is very visible as more business establishments are being built. As a result, this has become a shopping center for people from other cities like Iligan City, Marawi, Valecia, Malaybalay among other neighboring places.

So, here is a list of places to Shop in Cagayan De Oro City:

1) Lim Ket Kai MallLocated at Barangay Lapasan this mall has a lot of branded shops like Original Levi’s Store, Plains and Prints; food outlets like McDonald’s, Red Ribbon, Shakey’s Pizza and etc. This Mall is still undergoing expansion and there are still a lot of spaces unoccupied.

2) Robinson’s Department Store – With their building connected and adjacent with Lim Ket Kai Mall, it has easy access and convenient for shopping.

3) SM Cagayan de OroThis is the first shopping mall one sees after arriving the Cagayan de Oro Airport. Just like other SM Malls all over the Philippines, it has a variety of shopping options, food shops and movie houses.

4) Gaisano City Mall – Located at Claro M. Recto Ave. It has a department store that’s known to have items that has great, bargain prices. It also has smaller branches at Cogon and Carmen.

5) Ororama Supercenter– Located near the Cogon area. This used to be one of the earliest superstores in the City. Though a bit cramp and messy, this is still a common place to shop for most Cagay-anons because of its location.

6) Night Cafe– Every weekend ( Firday and Saturday) nights, food stalls and small shops are set up on the streets of Divisoria. This is a common destination of the youths, yuppies and families to get together, hear some great music, eat delicious seafood and barbecue and shop through some second hand items.

For those who are into second hand clothes, bags, shoes and other etc, great places to buy these items will be in Agora Market and Cogon Area. If you’re looking for DVDs and cheap China made Cellphones, Divisoria and Cogon Area are also the place. There are also cheap Taiwan made clothes, shoes and accessories in the Cogon area too.

Happy Shopping!!