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Places to buy 2nd Hand Goods – Cagayan de Oro January 6, 2009

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Ukay ukay is literally everywhere in the city. And once you go into the shops, you’ll get dizzy with so much of clothes, bags, jeans and shoes to choose from. So, let me start enumerating the places to buy these goods in the city.

1) Agora Market – The place is just huge and you wouldn’t know where to start. Prices range from 5pesos to 200 Pesos, you just take you pick. If you’re quite tired to do the ‘digging’, there are also good clothes displayed on hangers. They are open from 7am-6pm

2) Cogon Market (1) – The ukay ukay place here used to be only on the sidewalks and would be difficult to shop when it rains, but now they are all in a big covered area with good lighting but I’m not so sure with ventilation.

3) Night Cafe – Open only on Fri- Sunday Nights. One of the places where the Middle income people usually shop. The goods they have here are already displayed on hangers and some are already washed and ironed. For are for those who are tired to ‘hunt’ and ‘dig’ in the markets and opts to pay a higher price.


2nd Hand Clothes January 4, 2009

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Ukay-ukay is the term Filipinos use for Second Hand items. The word Ukay literally means, “Dig” which aptly describes the action that people do when choosing Second hand clothes. Why “dig”? Because most of the time, 2nd hand clothes are not displayed on hangers but hundreds of clothes will just be spread out on display tables.

So, shopping for Ukay-ukay clothes is actually like doing a treasure hunt. The buyer is on the hunt, digging and searching for the best item at a very cheap price. And when you find the best item, you’ll really have to beam with pride as you found that single item amidst the hundreds of other clothes piled up.

Ukay ukay clothes are everywhere in the Philippines, Thailand but rarely in Malaysia. In Thailand, second hand items are called, Muu Song, which literally means Second and Hand.

Buying of second Hand items was unheard of before. People used to be ashamed of buying Ukay ukay because it would mean that they are poor and couldn’t afford to buy new ones. But now, it’s quite a norm to buy them as the middle class or even the rich are in search for signature brands in the ukay ukay shops. Imagine, buying signature jeans that cost thousands of pesos for only 200 pesos!

In my next post, I will give some details on where to buy good Ukay ukay in Cagayan de Oro City.


Welcome, welcome! January 1, 2009

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Welcome to my new blog entitled Not a Shopaholic which truly describes me as a person. I’m not so much into shopping but if I do, I make sure that whatever I buy is needed, inexpensive and worth the money. So whether I am in Thailand, Malaysia or the Philippines, I can only be buying stuff at the budget shops or stores that have big 80% Off signages. So, you can surely guess that I know the cheapest and bargain shops in town. So, hop on and join me in my journey to find the cheapest but the greatest products existing as this blog of mine will surely be a journal of my great finds and bargain hunting expeditions. If you also have a cheap product that you want to sell or advertise, then this can also be a right place for you.