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Cheap Silver Jewelry March 10, 2009

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silverDo you know where you can buy cheap and good quality jewelry in Thailand? I’ll tell you a secret.. It’s no other than in a province in the south called  Nakhon Si Thammarat. They got an array of shops selling cheap silver jewelry. I believe most of the silver jewelries that’s in the market are from the province.

We often go there to buy some for my sis and the best thing is that we found a shop that really gives us huge discounts. Well, if you’re interested to buy some, then you better bring us along to get the best discounts! Heheh!

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Ukay- Ukay Club March 3, 2009

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My Hubby had his first Ukay ukay experience ( buying second hand clothes) this afternoon. My cousin brought him to Cogon area to buy side mirrors for the motorbike and while they were there, they stopped by some ukay ukay shops. By the way, for those who doesn’t know, Ukay ukay is the term used here in the Philippines to refer to second hand goods from dresses, shirts, slacks to tuxedo.

Back to my Hubby, he wanted to buy a jacket. He saw so many different types of clothes and there were so many ukay ukay shops in that area. But he finally got to buy a nice, black jacket for only 100 pesos. He came home very happy and satisfied with the great buy. And guess what, he wanted to go back and buy more ukay ukay.. So, I guess we should welcome him to the club!!


Hello Taiwanese February 25, 2009

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clothes-stall-24“Where did you buy your blouse?” I asked my sis one time. “Oh, I bought this from the Taiwanese,” she said. I never thought that the Taiwanese will reach our city here in the Philippines, but they are here and doing great business with the people. Yes, they are real taiwanese and selling all cheap clothings, shoes and bags. Most of these items are imitations of the signature brands but one can be fooled with it at first glance.

Their shops are located in the Cogon area and they sell all kinds of goods and plastic and even electrical wares. So, you looking for trendy clothes and skinny jeans? The Taiwanese Area is the best place to be for clothes and jeans as cheap as 100-200 pesos.


Places to buy 2nd Hand Goods – Cagayan de Oro January 6, 2009

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Ukay ukay is literally everywhere in the city. And once you go into the shops, you’ll get dizzy with so much of clothes, bags, jeans and shoes to choose from. So, let me start enumerating the places to buy these goods in the city.

1) Agora Market – The place is just huge and you wouldn’t know where to start. Prices range from 5pesos to 200 Pesos, you just take you pick. If you’re quite tired to do the ‘digging’, there are also good clothes displayed on hangers. They are open from 7am-6pm

2) Cogon Market (1) – The ukay ukay place here used to be only on the sidewalks and would be difficult to shop when it rains, but now they are all in a big covered area with good lighting but I’m not so sure with ventilation.

3) Night Cafe – Open only on Fri- Sunday Nights. One of the places where the Middle income people usually shop. The goods they have here are already displayed on hangers and some are already washed and ironed. For are for those who are tired to ‘hunt’ and ‘dig’ in the markets and opts to pay a higher price.