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Malaysia Sale 2009 – Calendar of Events July 18, 2009

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malaysia-mega-sale-carnivalAs mentioned in my earlier post, the 4th of July till the 31st of August marks the Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival. Below is the Calendar of Events from today will the 21st of August.

July 18

TESCO Extra, Plentong – launching of event

Boulevard Shopping Complex, Kuching- launching of event

1Borneo Hypermall, Kota Kinabalu – Live concerts

Queensbay Mall, Penang – Handicraft Bazaar

July 19

Queensbay Mall, Penang – Shop Till You Drop Contest


1Borneo Hypermall

Centre Point Sabah

Kompleks Karamunsing

Wisma Merdeka

Star City North ( Asia City)

Plaza Wawasan

City Mall

July 20

Queensbay Mall, Penang – July 20-30;  F&B Week

July 23

KB Mall – July 23-August 10; Asia Brand Fair


Boulevard Shopping Complex

The Spring

July 24

Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur-  24-26 July; Summer Street Fest

Bukit Bintang Shopping District-  24-25 July; Samrah Festival;

July 25

Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur  – 25 July; Cut-A-Thon endorsed by The Malaysia Book of Records


Gurney Plaza

Island Plaza

Queensbay Mall, Penang

August 3

One Utama, Petaling Jaya – 3 August: Fashion Fair

The Gardens, Kuala Lumpur- 3 August; Fashion Fair

Plaza Pelangi, Johor Barhu – 3 August ; Fashion Fair


AEON Tebrau

City Square

Pelangi Leisure Mall

August 4

Sunway Pyramid, Petaling Jaya-  Midnight Sale

August 8

Sutera Mall, Johor Bahru – August 8-9; 1st Anniversary Celebration

August 14

City Square, Johor Bahru – 14-23 August; home Decor Fair 2009

August 21

Plaza Pelangi, Johor Bahru – 21-31 August; Merdeka Bargain sale


Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival

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malaysia-mega-sale-carnivalThis is the season for the Malaysia Sale again! Its a time for a lot of events and bargain in the country. For the Mega Carnival sale, there will be 11 malls that will be offering great discounts in Klang Valley itself. So, whatever items you’re looking for from bags, clothes to equestrian apparel, I’m sure you can get great bargains during this season.Even the leading airlines here in Malaysia have pledged their support for this Mega sale by offering excess baggage allowance for passengers flying out of Malaysia through Malaysian airlines and offering a ” No Admin Fee” campaign from Airasia. I’m sure a lot of tourists are ready to flock the country again for this great event.

I’ll be posting the Schedule of events and activities for this Mega sale next time.


Free Art Set May 13, 2009

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Since all the boxes of Sustagen Milk with the bouncing ball was finished last Sunday, I went to Econmart today to buy my kids milk. Then, there’s this big signage near the Dumex Dugro milk section, which says  ” Percuma” ( Malay) which means ‘free’. So, I took a closer look at the signage and there I saw a big Faber Castelle Art set. My eyes grew wider when I saw the actually art set. It’s very nice with a lot of things inside, crayons, colored pencils, sharpener, pen, mechanical pencit and etc. Faber Castelle is a good brand and they are just giving it away for free! I was excited! Actually, you have to buy 4, one kilo packs of Original or Honey flavored Dumex Dugro ( stages 1 or 3) to get the Art set. That actually works fine for me since, my son can use the stage 1 while my girl can have the stage 3. So, I can buy 2 packs for each child. One kilo of the Dugro milk only costs 20 RM ( 280 pesos) which is really so cheap compared to the milk I buy in the Philippines.

So, I immediately took 4 packs from the shelves and went straight to the counter to pay. I was just so excited to go back home and show my ‘ surprise’ to my daughter.S5001006

Now, I know the reason why we were not able to buy the Sustagen with the bouncing ball freebie. This freebie is indeed  a lot better than the ball.


Freebies Day! May 12, 2009

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Last Sunday we went to the New Jusco in Klang to celebrate Mother’s day and to let the kids play in the playpen. Then, we saw the Sustagen Exhibition booth and went inside.

They had different games and activities for children and gave freebies too. So, we let our kids try out their activities and boy they had fun, especially for my little girl.

S5000989S5000990My li’l girl was so happy when we finished her activity and when she received her gifts that she exclaimed, “Thank You for letting me play in the playpen, Amma!” LOL! she thought that was already the playpen we wanted her to play in. And anyways, since she already had so much fun in the Sustagen exhibit we didn’t let her play in the Wonderland anymore but just in the play area near the food court- for free. That’s a way to save money! 🙂

But on our way back home, we saw some kids playing with big bouncing balls and only realized that those were the freebies from Sustagen if their products were bought. And since Tricia likes the bouncing ball and her milk is already finishing, we decided to buy the package with the free bouncing ball. But when we went back, all their products were already bought.We were all a bit disappointed especially for Tricia. But, still we were happy of the fun time we had plus all the other freebies.


The free gift, along with some stickers, milk samples and growth chart.


80% Off on Damaged Items April 21, 2009

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Whenever we do our groceries in Tesco or Carrefour, there will always be one special section that we never miss check out before we pay for our stuff – that is the place where they display the slightly damaged items ( or food almost due its expiry date) and on sale for 80% or more than 80% discount.

I can’t count how many times we got great ‘treasures’ from this section, from Prego Spaghetti Sauce ( with a dented tin can), children’s diapers to children’s toys.

It’s really a nice feeling to get something for a much cheaper price.. then I go back home, happy and very contented with what I bought. 🙂


Big Sale- Malaysia April 11, 2009

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I just found a site  that has all the schedules and places of warehouse sales, clearance sale and everything SALE, in Malaysia.

I’ve already bookmarked this page and if you’re in Malaysia, you might also find this site helpful for your shopping needs. 🙂

Happy Shopping!… Discount Shopping that is.


EconMart, Klang April 8, 2009

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Our family friends’ favorite mart. The reason because it’s just so near their house. One thing I like about this grocery shop is that they have monthly promotions that are really cheap – cheaper than the ones sold at the hypermarkets. Sometimes, they also have some give aways, when you buy a certain product.

One product that I notice to be always cheaper from this grocery are their Cadbury chocolates. If all the other hypermarkets sell these bars at 6-7RM. They maintain their chocolate bars to be around 5-6 RM..and not to mention there are free smaller chocolate bars attached to the bigger ones.

The only thing though with groceries like these, is that they don’t have a vide variety of brands and choices. So, you still end up going to the hypermarkets for more variety and your favorite brands. But, I guess that’s why they’re called mini groceries because you just buy the needful from their stores, right?