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Mall Hopper July 6, 2009

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10 years ago, I had a job to do “Mall Hopping” and I just loved that job. My job was to simply supervise and implement the visual merchandising efforts of the famous Levi’s jeans brands ( thanks to my good friend who gave me that job 😉 . So, that’s why everyday I had to visit different malls with a Levi’s outlet, check their displays, talk to the sales assistants on how to properly display the products ( all the do’s and don’ts) and once every 3 months or so, we have to change the window display. It was so easy and fun at the same time. Not to mention I get to travel to different cities in Mindanao and Visayas and do mall hopping!

I’ll never forget that job and I truly enjoyed every minute of it, especially the part where I have to travel alone ( in buses, planes, or ships! ), stay in hotels and see different places. It was such an adventure! I love seeing the malls too, seeing all the different shops and trying out their different fastfoods. Even if  ” Malling” has been my job, I never got bored of it. So, that’s why until now, I still love going to malls.. not to shop..but just see things around..


Remembering the Blessings June 30, 2009

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Have you ever experienced being on a shopping spree and you don’t have to pay anything for it? Not even a single cent? Yes, we did! And until now I can’t help but thank God for that experience.

They were my Hubby’s long time family friend and we saw each other when we visited one province here in Malaysia. They’re a very nice family, sweet and their kids which are older like our kids too. They wanted to take us for dinner so, they fetched us from the place where we were staying. We didn’t have any idea where we were going out for dinner but they took us a a shopping center instead. Then our friend said, ” We want to bless you family. Please don’t refuse our humble request for you to choose clothes for the whole family and we pay for it.” We couldn’t help but be humbled and touched by their gesture. We told them that they don’t have to do that, but they gently insisted that we do not refuse their way of blessing us. Wow… they indeed have such a generous heart. On the other hand, we also didn’t know how to react on their kind gesture. But they’ve always been telling us that it’s okay and we could get whatever clothes that we like for us and our kids. Honestly, we had a bit of difficulty in choosing especially knowing that we were not the one who were going to spend for it. BUt we managed to finish choosing our clothes and our kids’ and were happy about everything. Imagine, shopping clothes for the whole family in one day!

That was indeed an experience we’ll never forget – God’s favor and our friends’ generosity.


Women and Shoes April 4, 2009

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I actually don’t belong to this category: Women’s obsession with shoes ( and bags!).

As you may have already discovered, I’m a very basic person. As long as my shoes are still in a condition ( look Ma, no holes!) and I’m comfortable with it, I’m already a happy person.

I’ve alway’s been amazed and amused with women who’s like Imelda Marcos who has a pair of shoes for every outfit. For me, I just buy the basic colors, black or brown so they can go with every outfit. But I guess majority of the women loves to shop for shoes.

I’m not sure what’s the explanation behind women’s fascination for shoes but I guess it has something to do with pampering the lowest ( least?) part of the body which makes it extra special.


What’s Your Medieval Profession? April 1, 2009

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You Are a Playwright

You are a highly literate wordsmith. You love both reading and writing.

You are also a natural storyteller. You can turn a mediocre anecdote into a riveting tale.

You find people and all aspects of life fascinating. No topic is off limits for you.

In modern times, you would make a good filmmaker or novelist.


What Kind of Shopper are You? March 21, 2009

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You Are a Discount Shopper

You love to get things as cheaply as possible. You live for sales.

It’s partially because you like to save money, but it’s also because you like the thrill of finding a fabulous deal.

Of all the types, you tend to shop frequently but rarely by. You keep an eye on prices.

Brand names are not that important to you. You know how to have style without collecting designer tags.

I’ve just taken a quiz at blog things to find out or rather to confirm what kind of shopper I am. And YEs, that’s me.. the discount shopper. I guess that explains why this blog is entitled as ‘ Not a Shopaholic.’

Filipinos and Malls March 12, 2009

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I’m not so sure if it’s a cultural thing or what but as a Filipino and based from my family and friend’s preference, I would have to conclude that we all love to go to Malls.We don’t necessarily go there to shop but to window shop and hang out.

Several times, the first question my friends and relatives ask about our place in Hatyai is ” Are there malls there?”. And at one time, I was also so surprised when I talked to my father’s friend who was quite old and he said, that he didn’t like Phuket because there wasn’t many malls like we have in Cagayan. LOL! And so I thought only the younger ones love to go to the malls.

Anyways, I think I will have to make a serious survey on this to really see if the Filipinos in general love to go to the Malls.


Welcome, welcome! January 1, 2009

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Welcome to my new blog entitled Not a Shopaholic which truly describes me as a person. I’m not so much into shopping but if I do, I make sure that whatever I buy is needed, inexpensive and worth the money. So whether I am in Thailand, Malaysia or the Philippines, I can only be buying stuff at the budget shops or stores that have big 80% Off signages. So, you can surely guess that I know the cheapest and bargain shops in town. So, hop on and join me in my journey to find the cheapest but the greatest products existing as this blog of mine will surely be a journal of my great finds and bargain hunting expeditions. If you also have a cheap product that you want to sell or advertise, then this can also be a right place for you.