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House Hunt August 6, 2009

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A few more months to go and we will be going house hunting again. This will actually be our 3rd time to move house and I know for sure that it’s not the last. I just hope and pray that we will be able to find a nicer, new house in the city. The floor doesn’t have to be  porcelain tile but as long as the material is easy to clean. We would also want to have at least 3 rooms for our future rented house so our kids can have their own room. 4 rooms is actually ideal for us to have a guest room but I’m sure it’s quite difficult to find a house like that.

I’m actually excited to move to a new house at the end of this year but I know there’ll also be some kind of stress to be expected especially we have to physicall work and the family has to adjust with a new neighboorhood. But, I’m sure everything will be okay.


One Response to “House Hunt”

  1. nanay Says:

    I will include that in my prayers. God bless!

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