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Thai Food August 4, 2009

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We just had an authentic Thai lunch today even if we’re currently in Malaysia. How? My Hubby who just came back from Thailand brought all my favorite spicy Thai food.

So, for lunch we had, Phat Kra Phaw Kai ( Stir fried chicken in basil leaf) , Phat Krueng Ken Pla du ( Stir fried cat fish in green curry) and Tom Yum ( sour soup). I truly enjoyed our lunch and realized that I miss Thai food so much.

When we were still in Hatyai we would regularly go to our favorite Thai restaurants, namely Sugar Rock , Lee Garden’s buffet meal at the 33rd floor, Ton Tan, Nueng Pla and the variety of shops found in the city center.

Oh, thinking about Thai food makes me want to take a bus, go to Hatyai and devour all Thai until I’m so stuffed and need  some weight loss pills.

Ahh.,. Thai food.. how I miss you…


3 Responses to “Thai Food”

  1. litlit Says:

    Hi Love,

    Mianhi diay si Jesu diri sa Thailand? Asa man siya dapita mianhi?

  2. Litlit Says:

    Ah ana ba…sayang ba napadala na unta nako ang para sa mga bata ba…cg lang sunod nalang. God bless u all…

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