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Family Vacation August 16, 2009

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My sis in laws family just came over for the weekend and we continued with our little discussion on our family vacation. Our family plus my Hubby’s siblings families with Mom in law are planning to have a weekend getaway in a couple of months. We considered a lot of places to go but finally decided to have in somewhere in Batu Ferrengi, Penang. We’re looking for villas or apartments near the beach side.  Penang beach is not exactly like destin beach but it’s the most accessible beach for us here in the north. And not to mention, Penang has a lot of other things to offer (aside from the beach) like shopping, food trips and sight seeing .

Anyways, as of now I’ll have to search for the cheapest and nicest villa online. Hopefully, we could get the best deal.


Our New Grolier Set

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S5001452We finally got the ‘courage’ to buy the Grolier set for our kids. I say, courage because it’s on an installment basis so, we need to adjust our monthly budgets a bit,  for us to pay for this educational set. But, I would say that this is a great investment too especially to our li’l girl who’s so eager to read and learn new things.

So, for our Grolier set which includes : 24 volumes “I Wonder Why ..” Series, 4 volumes of  ” A Story A Day”, 4 Volumes of  “Words, Words, Words,” 1 CD packet ( i forgot how many CDs inside) of  Words, WOrds, Words , 1 bookshelf plus 3 free promotional items, 2 Volume Children’s Dictionary, 1 Self Esteem Book and I Quiz Flip book.. whew!!  So, all that for 2,000 RMplus.

We just had to pay 100 RM as booking fee, then another 108 RM upon delivery and a monthly 83RM for 2 years. So, I think it’s quite a good deal..light on the pockets ( if we don’t think about the 2  years payment) especially we got all the free promo items.


Prizes, GiveAways, Freebies August 10, 2009

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Yes, I’m still in the lookout for blogs and sites that has freebies, giveaways and contests. But as I surf around, I find that most of these giveaways are only open to US and Canadian Residents. Oh, it’s so sad.. 😦

But anyways, my search is still on.. and if given more time, I’ll be excited to join more contests and give aways. It’s also so fun how some contests run, there’s a contest where I had to play a game, another where I had to write a slogan, then a review ( no, not about apidexin reviews), and a lot of other creative ways.

Okay, I got to go now and search for more.. I really hope that I’ll win on some of these contests.


A 2nd Year Blog-iversary Giveaway August 7, 2009

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magazinechoicesI’ve found a nice blog-iversary giveaway while I was bloghopping. The give away? A 1-year subscription of a magazine of you choice ( from photo above). What do you have to do to get a chance to win? It’s quite easy. Just post about Sandi’s blog, One Day at Time or Tweet about her giveaway and leave a comment in her blog.

Are you interested to join? Then head on to her blog  now as this give away is only until the 12th of August!


House Hunt August 6, 2009

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A few more months to go and we will be going house hunting again. This will actually be our 3rd time to move house and I know for sure that it’s not the last. I just hope and pray that we will be able to find a nicer, new house in the city. The floor doesn’t have to be  porcelain tile but as long as the material is easy to clean. We would also want to have at least 3 rooms for our future rented house so our kids can have their own room. 4 rooms is actually ideal for us to have a guest room but I’m sure it’s quite difficult to find a house like that.

I’m actually excited to move to a new house at the end of this year but I know there’ll also be some kind of stress to be expected especially we have to physicall work and the family has to adjust with a new neighboorhood. But, I’m sure everything will be okay.


The New 50 Malaysian Ringgit August 5, 2009

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I was surprised to see the new 50 ringgit last week. It was still so crisp, smells good and unwrinkled. I like to hold and smell newly ‘made’ bills. It made me wish that all the bills will stay like that forever. But as time goes by they will get dirty and crumpled.

Here is how the new 50 Malaysian Ringgit looks like now.


It looks more colorful now , with the hibiscus flower huh?


Thai Food August 4, 2009

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We just had an authentic Thai lunch today even if we’re currently in Malaysia. How? My Hubby who just came back from Thailand brought all my favorite spicy Thai food.

So, for lunch we had, Phat Kra Phaw Kai ( Stir fried chicken in basil leaf) , Phat Krueng Ken Pla du ( Stir fried cat fish in green curry) and Tom Yum ( sour soup). I truly enjoyed our lunch and realized that I miss Thai food so much.

When we were still in Hatyai we would regularly go to our favorite Thai restaurants, namely Sugar Rock , Lee Garden’s buffet meal at the 33rd floor, Ton Tan, Nueng Pla and the variety of shops found in the city center.

Oh, thinking about Thai food makes me want to take a bus, go to Hatyai and devour all Thai until I’m so stuffed and need  some weight loss pills.

Ahh.,. Thai food.. how I miss you…