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Things to Buy in Myanmar May 26, 2009

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If you happen to go to Myanmar, here are the list of things you should buy.

1) Jade or precious stones – Their precious stones are of good quality and very cheap compared to those being sold in other parts of Southeast Asia. I got this nice bracelet ( Jade with other stones) for only 45pesos or 3 Malaysian Ringgit ( approx. 1 $). And yesterday , when we went to one of the shops here in Malaysia, I found the same bracelet sold for 37 Malaysian Ringgit. Unbelievable!

2) Spices – It must be weird to include this in the shopping list but for those who loves to cook, getting these spices is a must. Spices like star anise, cinnamon sticks , bay leaf and etc are just so huge ( 2-3 times their normal sizes) and the aroma is amazing. I still have to try out cooking with these spices but I’ve heard it just makes your food truly delicious.

3) Myanmar Shirts- Of course to let everyone know you’ve been to Myanmar, why not buy one of those shirts. They’re selling it for only 5 Ringgit Malaysia ( 70-75 pesos).

4) Paintings – Oh, if we just had the money, I could have bought one of those paintings that they sell in Bogyoke Aung San Market. It would really make a great souvenir item and pretty decorations on the wall. Most of the paintings, depict their life and culture in Myanmar.

5) Pretty Pictures with embellished stones – Designs range from very intricate to simple and the sizes also vary. If you just want a very simple souvenir to give out to your friends you can get one for only 5 RM.


Things to Buy in Hatyai April 15, 2009

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Most of the Malaysian and Singaporeans who visit Hatyai primarily come for one reason: Shopping! Items from Thailand are generally cheaper from those of Malaysia and Singapore. So, if you happen to visit Hatyai, here are the cheaper things that you can buy. BUt please remember that you need to bargain to get the best price. You can see some bargaining tips here:

1) Preserved fruits and nuts. They sell these nuts and preserved fruits by kilo and it’s quite cheap. Just make sure you buy them at Kim Yong Market and not at the stalls at the side walk near Lee Gardens Plaza since the price doubles or even triples when it reaches that place.

2) Fruits . If it’s tamarind season, you better try their amazingly sweet tamarinds. Durian, Mangosteen, Mangos and Rambutans are also so tasty and incredibly cheap during the season. But then again, you can’t bring fruits across the border as Malaysian custom has a rule on this. So, you just better eat all the fruits you can while in Hatyai.

3) Clothes, Shoes, bags. You can find all these at Asian Trade Market, Plaza or Kim Yong. But if you’re into signature brands, then the only place for you to go is Central Department stores, but they do have regular sale on their products.

4) Accessories and what- nots.

5) Thai souvenir items. from letter holders, purse, shirt to keychains. The best place to buy all these is near Lee Gardens. And don’t forget to bargain..