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Rummage or Garage Sale April 27, 2009

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You need extra income for a future travel plan or to pay off some of your bills? Then why don’t you search your closets, cupboards, shelves… the whole house and look for things that you can do without and sell them in your garage?

Yes, having a garage sale doesn’t just earns you extra income but it helps you clear your house from clutter, unnecessary things ( therefore, allow you to have more space) and helps other people too.

I remember I did a garage sale as a fund raising project.  I cleaned up our shoe racks, wardrobe closet, shelves and etc from the things that we don’t need and also asked some items from our church members. The response has been overwhelming.

So, I spent many sleepless nights cleaning the shoes, washing the clothes while my father helped me put up the display racks and shelves. It was like having a mini boutique at the venue of the sale. We sold the items at a very cheap price ( some shirts for only 1 peso a piece!) and our customers were so happy. And at the end of the Sale, we raised up quite a huge sum of money. Unbelievable!


80% Off on Damaged Items April 21, 2009

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Whenever we do our groceries in Tesco or Carrefour, there will always be one special section that we never miss check out before we pay for our stuff – that is the place where they display the slightly damaged items ( or food almost due its expiry date) and on sale for 80% or more than 80% discount.

I can’t count how many times we got great ‘treasures’ from this section, from Prego Spaghetti Sauce ( with a dented tin can), children’s diapers to children’s toys.

It’s really a nice feeling to get something for a much cheaper price.. then I go back home, happy and very contented with what I bought. 🙂


My Favorite Mall in Cagayan de Oro April 17, 2009

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There are only a few malls in my Hometown, in Cagayan de Oro. The more famous ones are Lim Ket Kai,  SM and Gaisano Mall. More people are drawn towards Lim Ket Kai since it’s bigger and has a wide array of shops and fastfood outlets. But I think I kinda like SM City more. I think it’s for a fact that the layout is simpler and there’s a fewer crowd especially during the weekdays. And since I’m not a ‘shopper’ then, it the wide variety of shops to choose from won’t really matter much to me.

Oh, blogging about this makes me miss SM City. By the way, I like to do my groceries there too. My favorite fastfood outlet there would be Pizza Hut or Yellow Cab.


Things to Buy in Hatyai April 15, 2009

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Most of the Malaysian and Singaporeans who visit Hatyai primarily come for one reason: Shopping! Items from Thailand are generally cheaper from those of Malaysia and Singapore. So, if you happen to visit Hatyai, here are the cheaper things that you can buy. BUt please remember that you need to bargain to get the best price. You can see some bargaining tips here:

1) Preserved fruits and nuts. They sell these nuts and preserved fruits by kilo and it’s quite cheap. Just make sure you buy them at Kim Yong Market and not at the stalls at the side walk near Lee Gardens Plaza since the price doubles or even triples when it reaches that place.

2) Fruits . If it’s tamarind season, you better try their amazingly sweet tamarinds. Durian, Mangosteen, Mangos and Rambutans are also so tasty and incredibly cheap during the season. But then again, you can’t bring fruits across the border as Malaysian custom has a rule on this. So, you just better eat all the fruits you can while in Hatyai.

3) Clothes, Shoes, bags. You can find all these at Asian Trade Market, Plaza or Kim Yong. But if you’re into signature brands, then the only place for you to go is Central Department stores, but they do have regular sale on their products.

4) Accessories and what- nots.

5) Thai souvenir items. from letter holders, purse, shirt to keychains. The best place to buy all these is near Lee Gardens. And don’t forget to bargain..


Thai Massage April 13, 2009

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Thai MassageI’m a bit tired right now. Sitting down in front of my netbook, thinking, writing and updating my blogs is making me tired. I don’t mind doing all these, I like to write, I like being online and tinkering with my blogs but then, in between thinking and writing, I have to repeatedly reprimand my Li’l boy from running around too much, putting things in his mouth and from doing all his other stunts. Yes, I’m multi tasking. And a few minutes from now, my Li’l girl will be back too.

Being stressed from taking care of kids and making a living makes me want to have a good Thai Massage. I used to have all these when we were still in Hat Yai, Thailand because it was quite affordable. We can always call our friend masseur to come to our house and she can come as soon as we call her. If we’re in the mood to go out, we also go to Big C where they have the cheapest Thai massage in town. When we were still there Big C’s massage was only 200 Baht for 2 hours while the in the city proper it was 150 Baht for an hour. I’m not so sure if they still have the same rate as of this time.


Big Sale- Malaysia April 11, 2009

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I just found a site  that has all the schedules and places of warehouse sales, clearance sale and everything SALE, in Malaysia.

I’ve already bookmarked this page and if you’re in Malaysia, you might also find this site helpful for your shopping needs. 🙂

Happy Shopping!… Discount Shopping that is.


EconMart, Klang April 8, 2009

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Our family friends’ favorite mart. The reason because it’s just so near their house. One thing I like about this grocery shop is that they have monthly promotions that are really cheap – cheaper than the ones sold at the hypermarkets. Sometimes, they also have some give aways, when you buy a certain product.

One product that I notice to be always cheaper from this grocery are their Cadbury chocolates. If all the other hypermarkets sell these bars at 6-7RM. They maintain their chocolate bars to be around 5-6 RM..and not to mention there are free smaller chocolate bars attached to the bigger ones.

The only thing though with groceries like these, is that they don’t have a vide variety of brands and choices. So, you still end up going to the hypermarkets for more variety and your favorite brands. But, I guess that’s why they’re called mini groceries because you just buy the needful from their stores, right?