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Taiping PC Fair August 3, 2009

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Finally, my most awaited PC fair has ended. We went there on the 1st day itself and found the place to be so crowded already. I think their choice of venue was a bit too small for a big event like this.

We had a few things to buy on our list but because of the great crowd, it was quite a challenge to look for those gadgets. But we still didn’t leave the place empty handed though because we were able to find a good computer speaker with a great discount! We truly think it was a very good buy and not to mention of great use to our video presentations for small group meetings.

But for those who were on the look out for notebooks and netbooks, the fair would have been a ‘haven’ for them. I saw an HP mini netbook there for only 1,300 RM but comes with a free external DVD rom, optical mouse, hard drive, blank Cds, and a lot more! There were also very cheap printers with a lot of freebies attached too!

So, if you’ve missed the PC fair this week, there’s a 2nd leg coming and you might be there for it. Check out the schedule HERE.


One Response to “Taiping PC Fair”

  1. Wan Says:

    Small place for such a big event. Not much items as last year. Regular faces of E-dot & AI staffs was present. KL/Ipoh/other place exhibitor didn’t come. Just SNS I think.

    Hope to see more & better. More discount. Hahaha.

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