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Job Opportunites for Filipinos July 18, 2009

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When we were in the Philippines, I found out that a lot of our relatives and friends are either nurses ( or taking up a nursing course) or Call center agents. Its good to know that a lot of foreign base companies are setting up their call center services in the Philippines. They indeed offer a lot of job opportunities for the Filipinos.

With Filipinos known to be more adept to the English language that other Southeast Asian nations, there are job opportunities available for us. I guess, using the English language as the medium of classroom instruction has indeed some advantages. Currently, there are thousands of Filipinos teaching English in Thailand, Cambodia and in other parts of Asia. And more countries prefer Filipinos over other Asian nationalities because of such language skills too.I just hope more and more jobs will be generated for our  fellow Filipinos.


2 Responses to “Job Opportunites for Filipinos”

  1. nanay Says:

    yes, you are right.

  2. SonyaSunny Says:

    Hi, Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.

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