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Mall Hopper July 6, 2009

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10 years ago, I had a job to do “Mall Hopping” and I just loved that job. My job was to simply supervise and implement the visual merchandising efforts of the famous Levi’s jeans brands ( thanks to my good friend who gave me that job 😉 . So, that’s why everyday I had to visit different malls with a Levi’s outlet, check their displays, talk to the sales assistants on how to properly display the products ( all the do’s and don’ts) and once every 3 months or so, we have to change the window display. It was so easy and fun at the same time. Not to mention I get to travel to different cities in Mindanao and Visayas and do mall hopping!

I’ll never forget that job and I truly enjoyed every minute of it, especially the part where I have to travel alone ( in buses, planes, or ships! ), stay in hotels and see different places. It was such an adventure! I love seeing the malls too, seeing all the different shops and trying out their different fastfoods. Even if  ” Malling” has been my job, I never got bored of it. So, that’s why until now, I still love going to malls.. not to shop..but just see things around..


4 Responses to “Mall Hopper”

  1. wow! na miss diay nimo ghapon imong former work. hehehe.

  2. laureen Says:

    I think Love in the future if your kids will be grown up you can still find work similar to that former job you have before.

    • @nay – lagi bitaw, ngreminisce lng ko sa ako past while I was thinking of something to write that’s related to shopping
      @mayette- yeah..maybe, but a job like I had before was meant for singles and not married people coz of the travels..

  3. Tess Says:

    wow! you are amazing! when at the mall, I cant just look around, I always spend money on something.

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