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Places to Shop in Klang, Malaysia June 8, 2009

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Here is a list of the malls and places to shop here in Klang.

* ÆON Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre (Bandar Bukit Tinggi Klang) or simply called the New Jusco – This is my favorite mall so far because its new, big and a lot of shops and food outlets to choose from.
* Bukit Raja Shopping Centre (Bandar Baru Klang) or Jusco in Bukit Raja – It’s quite a nice mall except that it has been superseded by the new Jusco in Bukit Tinggi
* Carrefour (Kapar Road) – Oh, as a non Klang resident, we had a difficult time finding this one. Their signages were not accurate. It was written on one of the signages, Carrefour 5 minutes away but it actually took us 10-12 minutes at a normal speed and midway we thought that we were lost.
* Centro Business Centre[1]
* Giant (Bandar Bukit Tinggi) – Just like any other Giant outlets, I find their layout quite confusing and ended up forgetting to buy a lot of things. But they do have a lot of good bargain.
* Harbour Place (Port Klang – under construction) – I’m looking forward for the opening of this mall since its just near to where we are staying.
* Harbour Point (Port Klang – under construction)
* Klang City Square
* Klang Digital Mall (Formerly known as Klang Mid Valley, located adjacent to Klang City Square and Shaw Centrepoint)
* Klang Parade (Meru Road)
* Shaw Centrepoint (Klang Town) – One place that I’m not so keen in going because it’s kinda popular for pick pocketing and those sort of things.
* Tesco (Bandar Bukit Tinggi) – I like Tesco
* Indian Street for all the Indian stuffs and clothesAeon-bukit-tinggi


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