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Ceria 99 Shop Taiping June 4, 2009

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We accidentally passed by the Ceria 99 shop here in Taiping yesterday and we were pleased that we did. We found so many cheap plastic ware ranging from 99 cents to 9.99 RM.

Actually, we’ve been wanting to buy some plastic stuff for the house since last week. We went to Tesco and Giant but still found some stuff quite expensive. So, now I know where to go to buy cheap plastic wares and other stuff. But sad to say, we were still not able to find a covered dish rack like the one we had in the Philippines. Hopefully, we could find one soon.


3 Responses to “Ceria 99 Shop Taiping”

  1. jeqeyzyhwl Says:

    OPElWe dftxvmdmkuwf, [url=]honyjguzvnlc[/url], [link=]riqfdeesdrht[/link],

  2. EK-Pongiey Says:

    Is there an Mp3 player [Creative Zen-Simon Koh Tset Tset mosQqQ-flies], mini radio, or an desirable earphones…?

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