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Free Art Set May 13, 2009

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Since all the boxes of Sustagen Milk with the bouncing ball was finished last Sunday, I went to Econmart today to buy my kids milk. Then, there’s this big signage near the Dumex Dugro milk section, which says  ” Percuma” ( Malay) which means ‘free’. So, I took a closer look at the signage and there I saw a big Faber Castelle Art set. My eyes grew wider when I saw the actually art set. It’s very nice with a lot of things inside, crayons, colored pencils, sharpener, pen, mechanical pencit and etc. Faber Castelle is a good brand and they are just giving it away for free! I was excited! Actually, you have to buy 4, one kilo packs of Original or Honey flavored Dumex Dugro ( stages 1 or 3) to get the Art set. That actually works fine for me since, my son can use the stage 1 while my girl can have the stage 3. So, I can buy 2 packs for each child. One kilo of the Dugro milk only costs 20 RM ( 280 pesos) which is really so cheap compared to the milk I buy in the Philippines.

So, I immediately took 4 packs from the shelves and went straight to the counter to pay. I was just so excited to go back home and show my ‘ surprise’ to my daughter.S5001006

Now, I know the reason why we were not able to buy the Sustagen with the bouncing ball freebie. This freebie is indeed  a lot better than the ball.


2 Responses to “Free Art Set”

  1. Bogie Says:

    Nice one you got in there! I was a bit interested to. LOL!

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