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Freebies Day! May 12, 2009

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Last Sunday we went to the New Jusco in Klang to celebrate Mother’s day and to let the kids play in the playpen. Then, we saw the Sustagen Exhibition booth and went inside.

They had different games and activities for children and gave freebies too. So, we let our kids try out their activities and boy they had fun, especially for my little girl.

S5000989S5000990My li’l girl was so happy when we finished her activity and when she received her gifts that she exclaimed, “Thank You for letting me play in the playpen, Amma!” LOL! she thought that was already the playpen we wanted her to play in. And anyways, since she already had so much fun in the Sustagen exhibit we didn’t let her play in the Wonderland anymore but just in the play area near the food court- for free. That’s a way to save money! 🙂

But on our way back home, we saw some kids playing with big bouncing balls and only realized that those were the freebies from Sustagen if their products were bought. And since Tricia likes the bouncing ball and her milk is already finishing, we decided to buy the package with the free bouncing ball. But when we went back, all their products were already bought.We were all a bit disappointed especially for Tricia. But, still we were happy of the fun time we had plus all the other freebies.


The free gift, along with some stickers, milk samples and growth chart.


One Response to “Freebies Day!”

  1. JesuLalaine Says:

    THat was indeed a fun time!

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