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Thai Massage April 13, 2009

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Thai MassageI’m a bit tired right now. Sitting down in front of my netbook, thinking, writing and updating my blogs is making me tired. I don’t mind doing all these, I like to write, I like being online and tinkering with my blogs but then, in between thinking and writing, I have to repeatedly reprimand my Li’l boy from running around too much, putting things in his mouth and from doing all his other stunts. Yes, I’m multi tasking. And a few minutes from now, my Li’l girl will be back too.

Being stressed from taking care of kids and making a living makes me want to have a good Thai Massage. I used to have all these when we were still in Hat Yai, Thailand because it was quite affordable. We can always call our friend masseur to come to our house and she can come as soon as we call her. If we’re in the mood to go out, we also go to Big C where they have the cheapest Thai massage in town. When we were still there Big C’s massage was only 200 Baht for 2 hours while the in the city proper it was 150 Baht for an hour. I’m not so sure if they still have the same rate as of this time.


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