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EconMart, Klang April 8, 2009

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Our family friends’ favorite mart. The reason because it’s just so near their house. One thing I like about this grocery shop is that they have monthly promotions that are really cheap – cheaper than the ones sold at the hypermarkets. Sometimes, they also have some give aways, when you buy a certain product.

One product that I notice to be always cheaper from this grocery are their Cadbury chocolates. If all the other hypermarkets sell these bars at 6-7RM. They maintain their chocolate bars to be around 5-6 RM..and not to mention there are free smaller chocolate bars attached to the bigger ones.

The only thing though with groceries like these, is that they don’t have a vide variety of brands and choices. So, you still end up going to the hypermarkets for more variety and your favorite brands. But, I guess that’s why they’re called mini groceries because you just buy the needful from their stores, right?


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