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Wanna Join? March 25, 2009

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When I was younger, I was never so fond of joining all the contests or raffle draws and other promotions from different products. 1st, it was quite a hassle cutting all the packets, writing your name on the envelope and mailing them or dropping them in drop boxes. And what’s was the chances of winning then? It was like one in a million right?

But with as the technology advanced, it’s now much easier to join contests in the internet- just write a post about something or write a comment and then you’ll be randomly selected. Easy, right? So, that’s why I’m more keen to join contests in the internet now.

And indeed I won my first internet contest from a travel site! So, this coming August, I’m going to North Thailand as my winning prize for the said contes. So, after winning such contest, the more I’m motivated to join more and more contest. If God wills, I might win a couple more contest right? Exciting!


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