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Cheap Party Stuff March 16, 2009

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S5000463If I have a choice, I would love to celebrate  all my kids’ birthdays in my hometown in Cagayan de Oro City. Why? It’s because there’s a shop there that sells all the party stuff for a cheap price. The name of the shop is DD Toys along Velez st. in front of Ororama Center.

My boy celebrated his 1st birthday with a sponge Bob theme while my girl had her 5th birthday there with Dora the Explorer as her theme. They really enjoyed it, while I was also so happy that they were able to experience throwing a ‘theme party’ in which only the more privileged people can do such parties in Malaysia or Thailand. Why? Because all the party stuff are quite expensive here in Malaysia if not rare.

Maybe I should start a business here selling all the party stuff huh? What do you think?


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