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Filipinos and Malls March 12, 2009

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I’m not so sure if it’s a cultural thing or what but as a Filipino and based from my family and friend’s preference, I would have to conclude that we all love to go to Malls.We don’t necessarily go there to shop but to window shop and hang out.

Several times, the first question my friends and relatives ask about our place in Hatyai is ” Are there malls there?”. And at one time, I was also so surprised when I talked to my father’s friend who was quite old and he said, that he didn’t like Phuket because there wasn’t many malls like we have in Cagayan. LOL! And so I thought only the younger ones love to go to the malls.

Anyways, I think I will have to make a serious survey on this to really see if the Filipinos in general love to go to the Malls.


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